•  Members or teams donate $100 per meeting (That comes out to just over $1     a day.)      
  •   Teams of 2 ladies may be formed.  The team donates a total of $100 a                meeting.   The team gets one vote per meeting. 
  • ​   Members of 100 Women Who Care STL West who donated the previous            quarter may nominate a charity for consideration. 
  •   Three charities are randomly selected.  The individual who submitted the       charity will be given 5 minutes to make a presentation to the group. 
  •   By ballot, the group will vote, and the majority rules. Even if you don’t care     for the choice, you still must donate. All checks go to one charity.
  •   Two-way ties will be decided by one more round of votes. If a tie persists,       the two names that are tied will go back in the bucket and the recipient will    be drawn at  random.
  •   Only three charities will be presented at each meeting.
  • ​    If you are unable to attend any given meeting during the year, please give      your check  to a member to deliver on your behalf, or mail your $100 check    made out to the  selected charity.
  •   A year after being selected by the group, charities can be re-submitted             for consideration.  Charities that were not selected can be submitted at the   next meeting.  
 Charity Guidelines​ 
  • The Charity must be a 501(c)3                                      
  • National charities will not be considered, however, local branches of national      charities are eligible for consideration. The purpose is for 100% of the contribution to stay in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area.
  • No political or religious organizations.  Charities may be run by a religious            organization but they must not require a specific faith for benefit.
  • The Charity must agree not to use the names of Women Who Care members for future solicitations, nor give the information out to the public.
  • The Charity must agree to send charitable tax receipts to the member of 100 Women Who Care STLWest.  Members are responsible for ensuring their current address is attatched to or on their check.