Charities we have contributed to 

​​Shower to the People                 $3,425           April 2018

Lydia's House                                $2,900           Jan   2018

Voyce                                              $2,900           Oct   2017​​

Give Kids a Smile                          $2,600           July   2017

Ready to Learn                              $2,400          April  2017

Equine Assisted Therapy             $2,400          Jan    2017

The Erin Eickmeier Foundation $2,400          Oct    2016

The Backstoppers                         $2,250           July   2016​

Places for People                                      $1,700               April    2016  

Logos School                                               $1,800                Jan      2016

​Coat a Kid                                                     $1,600               Oct      2015

Magdalene St Louis                                 $1,300                July     2015

TOTAL dollars donated       $27,675
To nominate a charity at our next meeting fill out the charity nomination form and email to [email protected] or bring the filled out form to the meeting.  Forms will also be available at the meeting. You must be a member of 100 Women Who Care STL West and to have donated in the last quarter to nominate a charity. 
A past awarded charity is not eligible for one year from date of award.
Charity Form